Year 6 Transition

Transition Year 6 into 7

The move from primary to secondary school is an important change in a child’s education.  The following processes outline what takes place during the school year  to ensure the smoothest possible transition for your child’s start at secondary school. 

  • During term 5, a member of staff from Chipping Sodbury School will visit all pupils in their primary school. Further information will be provided to the children about the induction process including a gym bag with a letter to parents/carers and an activity for the pupils. 
  • The current Year 6 teacher will discuss with the member of staff from Chipping Sodbury School, any key issues associated with learning and factors which will help each child settle in quickly.
  • Based on the recommendations from Primary Schools, some children and their parents/carers will be invited in for some extra induction to further assist with the transition process.
  • All Year 6 students are invited to attend an Induction day in June. There is also a Parents’ Evening where parents/carers will be able to meet key members of staff who will support each child in September including a 1:1 meeting with the new tutor.  In addition, further information regarding school uniform, music lessons etc.  is available. Students and parents/carers tell us that they find these events very informative and helpful.
  • During the induction day, the students meet with key members of staff who will support them, they sample different lessons and get a feel for moving around the school, they find out about break-time and lunchtime by experiencing the school canteen. We aim for all the students to make new friends and feel excited about starting in September. 


At Chipping Sodbury School we seek to ensure each student achieves their academic potential but also develops into a young adult that we are all proud of; the induction day is the beginning of the journey towards this goal.

Once the students start in September, every member of the school community, staff and students alike, work hard to help the new Year 7 cohort settle in and feel comfortable as soon as possible.  We are always delighted with how quickly the Year 7 students settle in and feel part of the whole school community.  The worries of “will I get lost?”, “will I make new friends?” become questions of the past and the students get fully involved in the life of the school including clubs, House events and musical opportunities.