Appointment of new acting headteacher

Letter to parents issued on 22nd September 2017 can be download here

From the Chair of Governors, Dr K Mansfield -

The governors appointed Ms Turner after a rigorous appointment process involving an external independent consultant and are delighted that she accepted our offer of the post of acting headteacher. We are excited about  entering a new phase in the development of the school under her leadership, she has a strong proven track record and is well respected throughout the education and wider community. We look forward to developing our longstanding working relationship further.


However we are sad to be losing Gareth who is a very high calibre head teacher. He has shown loyalty, complete dedication and total commitment to the school, his relentless drive to ensure the best outcomes for students of the school has been founded on his personal knowledge of all our students and his wish to help them overcome difficulties and celebrate their successes. He has broadened the horizons of the students who have passed through the school under his care and has taught them to understand that they can do anything if they set their sights high and work hard to achieve their goals. He has forged a staff team who can now move on from this foundation to further improve the outcomes for students while we continue to put a high priority on supporting those who need additional input to achieve their goals. 


We wish Gareth well and thank him from the bottom of our hearts for the way he has led and transformed our school over the past seven years.