GCSE Results

Students at Chipping Sodbury School are celebrating some outstanding GCSE results with a large and increased number achieving the top grades.  This continues the trend for improving grades at the school and demonstrates clear evidence of all the hard work by staff, governors and students with our school improvement drive; this is having a very positive impact on student outcomes. 

The number of students achieving secure or strong passes in English and maths (grades 4 and 5+) continues to grow.  A large proportion of the year group achieved strong passes in all their subjects which is a huge increase compared to previous years.  There is an enormous number of individuals who have been awarded a top grade 9 in multiple subjects, Poppy Smith achieved an outstanding 6 x grade 9s amongst her excellent results.  There were also outstanding performances from:  Tom Peaston, Robyn Banner, Sam Barker-Lovell, Jack Chomette, Alexia Concanen, Emilie Crockett, Tilly Crowley, Kate Dale, Zara Dawe, Joe Febry, Ellie Gendall, Nida Hannan, Holly Mayo, Katie McSherry, Grace Millais, Tom Morgan-Elsbury, Adam Neale, Katie Pellow, Ben Roberts, Chelsea Roberts, Ellie Ross, Jacob Simmons, Ella Slinn, Jacob Stevens, Ben Toghill, Chloe Tomkins, James Turner, Nick Whittles and Ella Wilshire.

Our creative curriculum model enables students to study a wide variety of courses to broaden their opportunities.  This is personalised to each individual to support good progress.  This year we are celebrating a big improvement in the achievement of students with a special educational need and those students who are disadvantaged. 

Headteacher Katherine Turner said “I am delighted that there have been some outstanding results from our younger students who have taken early GCSEs which is part of our exciting and innovative curriculum model.” She added “This has ensured that many students already have at least one GCSE as they enter Year 10 or 11.  We regard this as further proof that we are securing great results for our school community.”

Very well done to all our students, many of whom we will see return to the 6th Form.  Whatever the next stage in their academic careers, we wish them the very best.  Chipping Sodbury School has great young people who are a credit to our whole school community.