Riding a bike to school

Riding a bike to school

Students are welcome and encouraged to ride a bike to school.  This is on the understanding that the following criteria are met:

  • Ø The bicycle is in good condition and roadworthy
  • Ø Students wear a cycle helmet when riding their bikes
  • Ø Bicycles are locked in the cycle shed during the school day (you will need to provide a suitable lock)
  • Ø Each student has a current cycle permit issued by the school
  • Ø Bicycles may be ridden through the site but only on the designated and marked cycle track otherwise the bike should be pushed

We want all our students to be safe whilst travelling to and from school.  However, we are extremely concerned about the number of students who are not wearing a cycle helmet.  If this is the case, they will be challenged and will not be allowed to bring their bike to school.  We would be grateful if you could work with us to help keep your son/daughter safe.

There is further information about keeping safe whilst riding a bicycle plus Bikeability training on the South Gloucestershire website: