Cotswold Edge Sixth Form

We are pleased to introduce Cotswold Edge, a collaboration of the three sixth forms of Brimsham Green School, Chipping Sodbury School and Yate Academy.

Cotswold Edge enables our young people to study locally, promoting a culture of educational achievement and aspiration throughout the Yate and Chipping Sodbury area.

Collaboratively we offer a wider curriculum, leading to vibrant and relevant opportunities for our students. Together we offer a superb mix of academic and vocational qualifications, enabling students to select the courses which meet their needs and interests.

Our collective sixth form provision ensures a truly personalised programme of support so that all young people can achieve their very best, in an environment where aspirations are high, levels of care, support and guidance are second to none and where excellence thrives.

We ensure our sixth formers have access to some of the best facilities in the area. In addition, students benefit from first-rate teaching and learning and from close working relationships with teachers and tutors who know them very well.

Three successful schools, working together:

We look forward to welcoming you to Cotswold Edge.


Chipping Sodbury School Sixth Form Dress Code

There is a clear and simple post 16 dress code at BGS and CSS.  Within this framework, students are free to choose what they wear in the Sixth Form.


  • Lanyards with ID cards must be worn round the neck at all times when on any school site.
  • Skirts and tailored shorts should pass the fingertip test. (Standing normally with their arms by their side, the hem should be below their fingertips.)
  • Vest tops and cropped tops are not part of the dress code.
  • Sports shorts, jogging bottoms, football shirts, offensive or inappropriate logos on clothing and anything ripped or torn should not be worn.
  • For health and safety reasons flip flops are not suitable for Sixth Form.


  • In addition BGS and CSS students must not wear hoodies when attending lessons at YA.

If you are unclear about anything relating to the dress code, please contact the Head of Sixth Form.


Employability Skills Award 


Careers Advice

Supported by the University of the West of England (Carol Morris)