Governing Body


The Governing Body has 16 members who are elected or appointed for a four year term, apart from the Headteacher who is a permanent member.

Each year a Chair and Vice-Chair are elected from within the Governing Body to lead the work of Governors, together with a team of Committee Chairs.

The governors are volunteers who work with the Headteacher, Senior Leadership and staff in the strategic management of the school. They help to form and deliver the vision of the school; ensure all students have access to the National Curriculum; ensure that the student’s needs are met in line with national and local procedures and requirements including the strands of the every child matters agenda. They also plan staffing levels to deliver this education; appoint and employ staff ensuring appropriate work and pay conditions; ensure the school has the materials needed for providing education to all students; ensure staff are kept up to date through professional training; monitor the performance of the Headteacher and monitor the 6th Form collaboration with Brimsham Green and Yate International Academy. In addition they set and monitor the school budget; ensure the buildings are safe and maintained; ensure that water, electricity, gas and oil supplies are maintained, liaise with the Local Authority and represent the school in the local community.

Chipping Sodbury School governors have adopted a Code of Practice setting out their roles and responsibilities.

The governors are:



Parent Governors (2)

Andy Havard
Kate Pearce

LA Governor (1)

Robert Owen

Foundation Governors (2)

Katie Mansfield (Chair)
Frances Turner

Staff Governors (1)

Amy Morriss


Gareth Millington

Co-opted Governors (9)

Pat Black
Bob Braithwaite (Vice-Chair)
Bill Coker

Mel Jeffries

Ross Phillips

Martin Powell

Adrian Rush

Beverley Sadier


Clerk to the Governors:

Samantha Mountford

Dates of Governing Body Meetings 2015-2016
15th September
1st December
16th February

17th May (Budget)
5th July

Interested in becoming a Governor?
We are always pleased to hear from people interested in becoming a Governor. If you would like to know more, please contact the Headteacher or Chair of Governors for an informal discussion.
E-mail: Headspa@chippingsodburyschool.com or chairofgovernors@chippingsodburyschool.com or Telephone: (01454) 862900.